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We’ve screencapped the 4chan post sent in to us by kurukuruland (Thanks, pal!) in order to save a bit of space here since it’s quite a read. Yet another leak walks into our inbox!  This time from someone calling themselves an ESRB employee who had the chance to take a look at the final roster for Smash Bros 4.  They have a VERY impressively long list of characters that they claim still have yet to be revealed, including every single Veteran from Brawl save for Ivysaur and Squirtle, PLUS Mewtwo, and 10 other newcomers.  As far as ‘leaks’ go (yes, the quotes need to be there every time we say it), this one is extremely ambitious.

They also boast that many, many third party groups will be appearing as Assist Trophies, so all in all, it’s really just a very difficult amount of info to make believable.

But still, we figured that this one was worth posting just for the sake of how incredible this roster they have lined up would be, and to let you know about this last mystery character they threw out at the end.  This "yellow kangaroo with a joey and some lines on its pouch named Mini Kangaroo"

THAT.  Is an impressively obscure reference and may be the one that tops every character we’ve heard suggested to date.  And this link here’s got all the info you need on ‘em.

Well played, 4Chan.  Well played.

We got ourselves another ‘Leak’!  This one comes from Twitter, sent in to us by greenteesouo.  The the first image is easy enough to debunk just by looking at it: You can tell that the top screen is a direct rip from this miiverse post.

As for the second shot…well, at least an effort was made. 

We can’t find an exact copy of Marshall’s pose there (No, that’s not the chorus boy, despite how similar they appear) but the face looks VERY awkward to us anyway.  Almost as if they took this image…

and skewed the face over a bit.

Not a perfect match and I’m far from being the best person to show how this could be done with my ~okay~ skills in Gimp, but you get the idea of why this would be really easy to fake.  If you’re gonna Photoshop a character in somewhere,make it a 2D sprite.

And just in case you need further convincing….this hill sure looks familiar.

By the way, we’ve got another leak to address later today, and it’s a REAL doozy.  Look forward to it!

Cloning Tool.



We would classify Wolf as a clone.  But from a super technical standpoint, many people would disagree.  They would say that he is what is known as a ‘Semi-Clone’.  There’s a lot of debate there.

There seem to be some points of contention about which characters are or are not clones, which makes us wonder if there’s a bit of confusion as to what one actually IS.  There are two levels of clones in the eyes of many seasoned Smash veterans: Clone and Semi-clone.  The clones, such as the entire bottom row shown above (Plus Toon Link, though there are a few that would argue on that one.) are the characters that “have nearly identical movesets with slight variations in the attacks.”  None of their attacks are different from the original character that they’re based on, except for a number of key differences that set them apart far enough to have their own roster slot.  Roy’s Fire Blade, or Pichu’s speed for instance.  It’s implied that Lucina will be one of these as well until she gives us some more info to work with that would prove otherwise.  Several other characters USED to be classified as clones by the great gods of smash, but went through a process that some refer to as ‘Luigification’.

We’ll explain all about it under the break!

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Should?  Ehhh, we dunno about that, that’s subjective.  Will be?  Odds are that he could!  One of the great things about the E3 and Comic-Con tournaments was that the development team had a chance to see how well all of the characters balanced out, and you cannot deny that the Bowser players had a definite edge at Comic-Con this year.  If we were a part of the team we’d take the results as a sign that it maaaaay be time to do a little fine tuning on some parts of the roster.

But then again, first impressions usually turn out to be incorrect as time goes on in Smash.  If you were around for the first release of Brawl you might recall that Ike was in a pretty similar spot as Bowser.  a fair number of tourneys ended with Ike vs Ike as well back in the day!  But over time, people figured out Ike’s strengths and weaknesses, and he felt just like any other character!  Bowser probably won’t end up being as unbeatable as he made himself out to be at the 3DS tourney.

Men-U Screens.



We actually wrote up a set of thoughts based around good Streetpass concepts for Smash Bros a while back, give it a read!  We tried to keep the ideas broad and it would be PHENOMENAL to see them take any one of them and make them a reality.  Maybe even improve upon them!

As for the Wii U button…well, that IS a lot more complex to sort out.  As Kyle says, Sakurai has teased some form of connectivity between the two versions of Smash 4 since the olden days of E3 2013.  That button obviously holds the secret Sakurai’s been keeping behind it. 

You want theories?  Well, we’ve got one for ya…but this theory might be a bit more of a shot in the dark than most we’ve come up with.

What is it exactly?  Well friend…let’s chat.

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Like Daisy, Blood Falcon was given a similar treatment and made a palette swap for Captain Falcon.  They even changed the insignia on his back!

We’d really like to see both he and Daisy see a little more time spent on their alternates as well.  It wouldn’t be TOO difficult to do, we’re sure.  Some spikes on the shoulder pad, remove the falcon on the helmet and give it a Skull spray, maybe touch up the leggings and collar a bit and you’re golden! 

Several other characters made kinda-appearances like this in the past.  Claus was a design for one of Lucas’ palettes, for example.  But considering that Claus and Lucas were originally very basic sprites with hardly any differences between them, we’d put Blood Falcon and Daisy a bit higher on the priorities list.  Here’s hoping!


A Morgan alt costume for Robin, eh?

Hmmm… Morgan and the Robin used in Smash have quite the height difference, which could definitely be a problem for a Morgan alt. Not only that, but they’d be visually almost identical, making them hard to tell apart on the battlefield. In fact, some of Robin’s various customization options in Awakening can be used to make them look like a near exact match for Morgan.

We feel like Robin’s best bet for an alt costume is the grandmaster class. It’s also entirely possible that the only Robin “alt” will be the two opposite gender costumes, though we could see some of Robin’s other hairstyles making it in as palette swaps!

  • Track Name

    Hidden Village

  • Album

    Twilight Symphony (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

  • Artist


When some people hear this song, they think of one of Twilight Princess's most memorable scenes.

Some people think of the classic Spaghetti Western scores of Ennio Morricone.

And some of us think…kitties.


This arrangement is part of the epic orchestral project, Twilight Symphony; the magnum opus and final effort of Zelda Reorchestrated. Be sure to check out the full album!

We think that the lag you may or may not have seen in the stream could be from several things.  One is that, like you say, this build is actually the same one from E3 and hasn’t seen any of the improvements that have already been made or will be made by the development team in the last remaining month or so.  And two is that, well, technical problems do seem pretty rampant at these events!  If you were present for the beginning of the stream you can attest to the long stretch of time where there was hardly any or sometimes even NO sound available at all.  We’d say that the problem here was mainly with stream lag, and not the lag of the game itself for the most part.

Speaking of yesterday’s stream….was that a good day for Bowser lovers or what?

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