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The History of Nintendo: So You Say You Want A Revolution


The year was 2006. Despite a dedicated fanbase, the GameCube had been outsold by the PS2 and Xbox, which were each ready for the next hardware generation. Nintendo had a lot to prove, so one question was on everyone’s minds: What would their next move be?

How about, “change the world.”

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Ah, no no no we have done no such thing.  But SOMEONE out in the world has done it.  Not that we’re lagging too far behind.  We actually DO have some tips for ya if you’re trying to get them a bit more quickly!

Method 1: Target Blast.  Pressing start allows you to see the whole map and where special unlocks like trophies and custom pieces are.  Spend both of your swings going solely for that piece and then do it again!  Since Target Blast hardly even takes 20-30 seconds a round you could end up getting what you need pretty quickly.

Method 2: Cheat Classic Mode.  When you’re about to start up a new battle a slot-machine with your potential victory reward will pop up, and sometimes you can get custom moves, and a lot of them, simply by random chance.  BUT Nintendo failed to take into account the fact that you can press the home button to pause the game completely.  Pressing that button repeatedly until it lands on what you want and then mashing A as you return into the game is a sneaky way to get those last couple of unlocks.

Method 3: Smash Run.  No tricks here!  This mode is jut REALLY good for unlocks, especially with fast characters so you can find chests more quickly.

Hope one of these methods works for ya!  For best effect you should play as the character you’re hoping to get more moves for.

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