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Hey guys!  Just a little heads up, things might be a tad scarce around here for a couple days.  Tight schedules and hella computer problems, ammirite?

But if you guys are looking for something to keep you entertained for one of the last few weekends we’ll have to go Smash-less, then we HIGHLY recommend watching this series, “There Will Be Brawl.”  Because who doesn’t love seeing their favorite Nintendo character reinterpretted in a dark, gritty world where Olimar is a raving lunatic, Dedede runs a night club and Kirby might as well be Hannibal Lector? Warning: This series features mature content. Viewer discretion is advised (especially if you’re at work).

We’ll be back in full force as soon as we can.  Enjoy!

I was looking around on Nintendo’s Japan YouTube channel when I found a new Smash Bros commercial with new gameplay footage. It talks about general info about gameplay and features, but it also shows things like the Corneria stage returning, Kirby’s customizable attacks, a Smash Run end-challange involving a single player at the Reset Bomb stage fighting off an ambush of Kid Icarus enemies, as well as some other cool tid-bits.

There were also 2 shorter ads on there as well.
In this one, we briefly see the Master Hand battle, the Gameboy stage in action (although it doesn’t show past the startup logo), and even the trophy of Dr. Kawashima
Here, we briefly see Mega Charizard X attacking, Peach’s and Captain Falcon’s Final Smashes from Brawl returning, Pac Man’s Final Smash in action (he munches up Fox like a ghost, complete with Fox flying off as a pair of 8-bit eyeballs), and even what looks like the All-Star waiting room!

On Topic Off Topic

So with the excitement about the Mario Kart 8 DLC I decided to give a few opinions as well as analyze and speculate on its finer workings.  Let’s star off with what we know right off the bat-

Each of the Packs contain:

-3 characters

-2 cups (8 Tracks)

-4 Vehicles

-(And in the bundle) You get the colored Yoshi and Shy Guys

The cups we are getting are the Triforce Cup, The Yoshi Egg cup, The Furniture Leaf/Tom Nook Leaf Cup, and the Super Bell Cup. 

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Shulk: Analyzed!


Kept us waiting a while, Shulk! It’s time to see what new tricks the defender of Colony 9 and hero of the Homs has brought to the table! Shulk had always been one of our top options, and it’s wonderful to finally see him enter the fray!

So, let’s get straight to the analysis, shall we?

And yes, I will be peppering this article with random Xenoblade quotes. You’re welcome.

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Nintendo Announces “New Nintendo 3DS”


In addition to a new Smash character, today’s Direct brought us news of a redesigned model of the 3DS, with more new features than you can shake a stylus at.


Most prominent are the newly added C-stick and ZR/ZL shoulder buttons, offering more control options. The C-stick can be used in a similar way to the Circle Pad Pro, but should be more convenient and comfortable. Several games were confirmed to utilize these new features, including Monster Hunter and Super Smash Bros.: Yes, C-Smashing will be on the 3DS!

Arguably the redesign’s most impressive feature is the tracking parallax: You know how if you twist the 3DS to the side with the 3D on, the two images desync and the image blurs? Well, the new model will use the gyrosensor to track movement and adjust the parallax accordingly; meaning that you can still view the 3D effect even when looking at the screen at an angle.

The New 3DS also incorporates NFC tech, and will be able to scan figures placed on the bottom screen. Other improvements to CPU speed and power, battery life, and screen quality have also been added. It will also feature customizable faceplates and will use Micro SD cards.

It is set to launch in Japan later this year, along with a port of the Wii’s Xenoblade Chronicles that will be exclusive the New Nintendo 3DS. The system is expected to launch in other regions next year, but it is currently unknown if Xenoblade is going global as well.

In other news, customizable menu themes will be coming to the 3DS some time in October, and a version of NES Remix (called “Ultimate NES Remix”) will be released for 3DS in November.

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