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Oh, trust us, Pokemon is going to get it’s fill of item representation in this game when all is said and done.  It’s probably one thing to add in an item that can be tossed at your opponents head and animate it to bounce off of the walls, but an entirely different matter to fully animate yet another living creature.

The Pokeballs are really all the Pokemon series needs, to be honest!

And these are just the items, too!

Heyyy, we love it too, Green!  Uprising is definitely one of our favorite games on the 3DS at this point, there’s so much to love about it.  We’re really hoping for, and EXPECTING, at least one new character from the franchise to make the cut at this point, but if Medusa got in alongside Palutena we’d be just ecstatic.

That’s a pretty safe bet!  Face gave us a pretty good idea of a neat Final Smash for Zero Suit in his Analyzed article, but Sheik’s still remains a mystery.  Either one of these two gals could simply fall back on some very cool spy/ninja like final Smash (Think Cammy from Street Fighter.), but we’d really like to see something that references key moments from their backgrounds. 

Sheik’s a hard one to bargain for on that front, though.  Unless you count the admittedly horrifying/amusing scene where Bongo Bongo uses her as a flail.

That could probably do some damage if you got too close.  WHACK.

We had this idea come in from a lot of people!  But Liam put it best.  After all, Mega Evolution is supposed to be incredibly rare.  The only Pokemon that can do it are ones that have partner trainers with Mega rings.

So our response is going to have to be that this is quite likely, as a matter of fact!  More for Charizard than Lucario.  It’s unlikely that the Trainers will play any larger part in the Smash series from this point on otherwise.

Pretty neat, eh?  This move is going to be replacing Pit’s old “AYAYAYAYAYA!” move (you know the one.) Which is going to be a breath of fresh air for some and a tearjerker for others.

This’ll be a really good ‘low stakes’ move to try to pull off mid battle, we can see folks getting a lot of use out of it. It covers a lot of distance, doesn’t take too long, and knocks away oncoming attacks, so what’s to stop people from using it whenever there’s a solid opening?

These two pictures?  That was a reblog from last Tuesday, which was, if you’ll recall, something of a busy day for us. We’re not really entirely sure how that could be considered ‘messing up’, however, as they’re still the same stage anyhow and they’re both still considered different locations within the Pokemon league.

But oh well.  We hadn’t really gotten a good chance to look at this place in depth yet, actually.  We’re pretty big fans of how it looks so far but we’re REALLY looking forward to getting more detailed looks at it through less vague shots.

Well it’s a little tough to say weather or not Bonsley HIMSELF will make it back, but we can say one or two things in his favor.

One is that they’ve now officially confirmed the return of intractable Pokemon (Ala Gogoat and Electrode.), which would mean that there’s no real reason to WANT to get rid of him other than freeing up space for newer participants.  And the other is that they have announced a mere fraction of the number of Pokemon found in Brawl, so you can rest easy knowing that many, many returning pokeball assists will likely be coming back on top of what we’ve seen so far. :)

Weather or not he is a playable character or an assist trophy remains to be seen?

You’re missing a couple options there, MyNintendoNews.  What about the background characters or the codex easter eggs?  Ah, oh well.  Our philosophy on every rumor that comes through here is ‘false until proven true’, no matter how well-conceived they are.  Snake’s starting to worry us a little bit, if we’re being brutally honest. 

It also helps that the forum post MNN linked in that article redirects to a forum post that overturns what Raiden’s voice actor claimed completely and proves this as false.  So there’s that.

I dunno, Frosty.  Chihamster was probably going for Sunday.  It’s Sunday right?  Do we win?

But yes, that is absolutely correct.  April 20th marks the release of the very first game in the series on the Famicom, while the 19th is the anniversary of Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Both of these days fall on this upcoming weekend, but Sakurai’s been known to do announcements a tad early or late now and then.  As hard as this date is to ignore and as likely Chrom is to be joining the ranks of the Smash roster, just remember that Sakurai recently gave us SO much new content that we had to hire on an entirely new moderator to help us out.  It’s pretty likely that he’ll let things settle for a while instead.

Dixie represents one of the most likely candidates for Smash 4 by a landslide, in our opinion.  The logic behind her inclusion is staggering.

K. Rool hasn’t had a game to his name in roughly a decade and the question of Nintendo’s ownership of his character isn’t one that’s 100% clear.

It’s pretty obvious which one deserves the spot more, but K. Rool would be totally welcome in our eyes.  They COULD absolutely both make it in, but considering that he’s locked in a battle with Cranky Kong for second most likely DK character, odds are that Diddy’s girlfriend would probably be making the cut by her lonesome.

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