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Face here! Well, we discussed Isaac quite a while ago, before I was around, and as the semi-official JRPG guy around these parts? Well, to be honest, I don’t have too much to add! Isaac’s actually got quite a good shot to show up as playable, but certainly not the best. If we got anyone from Golden Sun, it would be Isaac, by the way. As points in his favor, he’s a pretty popular choice, and his moveset potential is enormous! The biggest point against him is just the small size of his series.

Although the series is by no means starved for Assist Trophy potential, if Isaac made it in, we’d put our money on Felix to replace him in that department. Matthew seems more suited for alternate costume, leaving us with only one more playable main character from the series to take Isaac’s spot on team AT.



Yeah, just type it up in the submission box! Don’t be shy about it, we love getting submissions! Don’t worry about the formatting, we’ll take care of that.   Here’s the rules for This Just In!!   We’re looking forward to hearing from ya, mate!

As a side note here, folks, we just wanna make it known that the Challenger is about to have a HUGE couple of weeks on his plate.  Moving into his first apartment’s gonna be pretty exhausting and time consuming!  Starting VERY soon, we plan on upping the amount of This Just In! articles that we post per day for a short while, so if there’s been a topic you’ve been mulling over sharing for a while, now would be a FANTASTIC time to do so! :D

Maybe with our third wish


We’ve actually discussed Shantae before; Wander wrote an article on her back before he became a mod, and you can read it here. Because she’s technically an indie character without much notoriety, the consensus here is that she doesn’t stand a chance of appearing this time around. But if her franchise continues to grow the way it has been, that may change for a future installment.


Counterfeit Contradiction.


Hmm…Well, the characters on here certainly aren’t very outlandish, but that doesn’t mean much.  We’ve seen PLENTY of fakes around here that’ve been pretty convincing simply based on the artwork or character selection alone.  But that’s what you’ve got us here for!  To pick out what don’t look right.

Now let’s see what we can deduce here…

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We’re not TOO terribly concerned about Mr. Game and Watch, friend.  He represents a lot to Nintendo; the early age of their gaming history (which they’re getting even fonder of reminiscing about in Smash, with the Color TV assist Trophy.) and a time when they really had to make due off of much more simplistic resources.

Removing Game and Watch would be a little sad to see, especially since there are so few characters from that era that’ve survived up until today.  Nintendo like to stay strong in their roots, so you probably won’t have too much to worry about for G&W’s return. :)

Haha!  That really does sound like a lot of fun, friend.  We’d be pretty interested in seeing how that played out and you could be sure to see smiling faces around THIS blog with the added villain representation.

Sadly, with the confirmation that swap-out characters have been removed and the lack of likelihood to there being a SECOND playable Mega Man character at this stage in the game, it’s not incredibly likely.  It’s a ton of fun to think about, though!

Starting off with the question of the weather or not the Werehog could ever be in Smash Bros….Nope!

Werehog Sonic may be one of the most unanimously disliked things the franchise has ever put out, actually.  We’re certainly not going to rule anything out 100% and it’s definitely a possibility that you might see a sticker or a trophy to the Werehog’s name, but you won’t be seeing him on the playing field, that’s for sure.  Sonic Unleashed was not an experiment that Sega would like for us to keep fresh in mind.

As for weather or not there could be ANY more Sonic representation, ABSOLUTELY!  We have VERY high hopes for Shadow, who would, next to Daisy, have an exceptionally good case for our #1 most necessary alternate costume choice.  And even if that doesn’t work out for him, you can bet that Nintendo won’t leave Sonic COMPLETELY out to dry…there’s still a lot to learn about this new Lost World stage and they’ll almost definitely give him an Assist Trophy as well.

Face here! Wolf’s got a pretty nice cushion of several characters that would be cut before him. We could see him being cut, but he’s safer than others.

As for Lucas…?

We’re so sorry.

Lucas is probably one of the top options to be cut. He’s a clone from one game in a small series that hasn’t seen a new game in 8 years and by all indications is finished, as far as Nintendo is concerned.

Pokemon Trainer’s being cut puts Ivysaur and Squirtle ahead of Lucas on the chopping block, but that’s about all he has going for him.

Look, if Toon Link can make it back, anyone can. Nothing’s definitive, and if Nintendo ends up with enough extra time in development, then Lucas could be back! But, uh… Don’t hold your breath.

Tap to close your yap!

What’s up Challengers, my name is CancerTurtle, and your resident rhythm writer is back, albeit under a different url. (I swear I am in fact the zodiac reptile) I’m going back to my roots, since my first article for This Just in was about my most wanted fighter for the game, Karate Joe (at least I’m pretty sure that was my first one. It’s so old I’ve finished both the LPs in the avatar!). I’ve got another Rhythm Representative to talk about today, but there’s a bit of a leadup, so be warned. Anyone familiar with the DS installment should already know who I’m talking about from the title.

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Pic of the Day for April 22nd!  This stage is so creative!  The original Balloon Fight on NES is a classic that we’re very fond of, so this is just awesome to see.

By the by, that fish down there also appeared as an important stage hazard for one of the old Ice Climber’s stages.  We wonder if this can be taken as a confirmation that that Stage won’t be one of the few that will be returning?

Ding! Assist Archive Unlocked!

WOW do we have a lot of new assets and transparents to add to the archive! So many, in fact, that we’ve had to do a little reorganizing. Let us walk you through the changes we’ve made to our sidebar links.

1. The Challenger Archive is for playable characters only.

To keep things organized, The Challenger Archive will only contain playable characters, and as usual clicking on their picture will automatically search our blog for posts that they’re tagged in. Clicking on the franchise title or symbol will search for that franchise. Please note that the smaller, retro franchises (Ice Climber, G&W, R.O.B., as well as various Arcade, NES/Famicom, and GameBoy franchises) have been grouped together as “Classic.” Clicking on each series’ symbol will take you to posts for that specific franchise, however.

2. The Assists Archive has been added!

The new Assists archive contains all summonable Pokemon and Assist Trophies, as well as stage hazard characters, characters who are part of a moveset (e.g. Gordo, Phantom), and will eventually include enemies from single-player mode.

3. The Directory has been updated.

The Article Directory contains links to all of our major article types (Stage Select, Choose Your Weapon, Sound Test, etc.), as well as assets for all confirmed stages and items. Scrolling down will let you search for posts about smaller Nintendo franchises (like Rhythm Heaven, Advance Wars, or Xeno), third parties, and indie developers. At the bottom you’ll find the rest of our article types, a link to our playlist, and…

4. Links to Wander’s Spreadsheets have been moved to the Directory.

In order to avoid the sidebar getting too cluttered, the page for Wander’s Spreadsheets has been removed and placed at the very bottom of the Directory. If you want to keep track of Sakurai’s past updates and more, check there.

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