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Hmm, Some Clarification:

Final Destination WAS actually shown off in the 3DS trailer at E3, right when Master Hand appeared back on the scene.  That could very likely be taken as a confirmation that it IS, in fact, available for all game modes, but since it COULD just be a part of some Classic Mode with Master Hand involved it technically can’t really be called 100% confirmed yet.

Maybe like, 99.76%.  ish.

Eyyyy, somebody found a pic of some fighters duking it out on the 3DS version of the stage, so this is moot.  We’ll change the original post.

So Pac-Man here is probably going to get the Brawl Sonic treatment in terms of color palettes (as in slightly different shades of yellow to keep him recognizable), but I figured I’d take a shot at what he might look like otherwise.

Colors are based off of Pac-Man: Battle Royale, a multiplayer Pac-Man that had other players controlling pink, blue, and red Pac-Mans (Pac-Men?). Glove colors are referencing the ghosts in the original game, and the shoes are just what I thought would look nice.

(this is my first submission, forgive me if anything is screwy formatting-wise)

— afrokid251 / Crumplehat

Ooooh, these are fun.  But yeah, we do have to agree that Pac-Man’s yellow color is probably going to be present in all of his Palettes the way Sonic has his blue.  They look like completely different characters otherwise!  But these would be really, REALLY fun.


Major Fire Emblem: Awakening spoilers follow. Stuff that Sakurai didn’t spoil in the trailer.

We were sortof expecting Robin’s final smash to involve Grima, at first. For those unaware, Grima is the god of death and destruction that possesses Robin throughout Awakening. 

However, the pair up mechanic actually fits Robin’s personality much more. Plus, it was a great way to give Chrom a cameo, so hey, we think it all worked very well!

That being said, now that we have Robin in the game? There needs to be an event match or boss battle that recreates the final battle of Awakening. Lucina and Robin versus a severely buffed evil Robin, your Robin must deal the final blow, and, if it can be done, it must take place on Grima’s back. That would be so awesome!

  • Track Name

    Strategy to Reclaim the Capital City (Corneria)

  • Album

    Star Fox: Assault

  • Artist

    Nintendo, Namco

One of the things that has us excited about a Star Fox: Assault stage is the music! Namco’s sound team did an excellent job with Assault’s soundtrack, using a Williams-esque orchestra to deliver that epic, space opera feeling. They include new songs, as well as redone versions of classic Star Fox tunes; the theme from Corneria is just one example.

The Clone Wars and Too Many Swords

Hey, all! It’s been a while, but there’s been a couple of issues that have come up with the latest character announcement that have been really bugging me so I wanted to get them off my chest. This is just opinion, so bear with me, but I wanted to just give my two-cents.

The first issue is that people seem to be hating on Lucina for being a Marth clone, and some people are STILL upset about Toon Link because he’s an apparent Link clone.

So first, let’s talk about clones.

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There’s no real selection process, honestly, we just try to pick out questions that we think we could have give any real input on. A question isn’t worth answering if we can’t write 2 or 3 paragraphs of answer for it. The ones that usually don’t get touched are the ones that rehash stuff we’ve discussed in the past (Mystical Ninja Goemon still has about as slim of a chance as always guys, promise.) or are too vague. (“What stages do you want?” Uhhhh… all of them?)

We also typically avoid posting much negativity.  Way we see things is that there’s entirely too much of the internet vying to look at the bad stuff, so we strive to keep things cheery and fun at ChallengerApproaching.  Most important thing we try to do is open room for debate and express our excitement for Smash and several other Nintendo games!

CA understands not why he is in a desert landscape but he has never let that get in his way before.

Where my cattle at.

"Everyone In Smash Bros (Wii U/ 3DS) Feels Well Balanced"

Ooooh, now this is interesting. Competitive Smash player Venks Dunson has written his extended thoughts on the balance between characters in the Smash 4 demo, and he put a good deal of thought into it!  He seems to have (Very nearly) entirely positive things to say about what’s been done for every character, it’s a great read.

Have a look through it, gang!  Keep in mind that it’s JUST about the characters that were available during the E3 demo. 

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