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Actually, KotK….

That’s not quite correct!  All of the iterations of Mega Man that you see above have, at one point, been featured in a Nintendo title.  In fact, these are the only ones that ever have been!  Starting from the left, Mega Man.EXE is the star of the always popular Mega Man Battle Network, which not only got its START on the GBA…every game in his series was on a Nintendo Handheld.

Moving forward we see X and Mega Man classic flavor, who are both very, VERY well known for their games that originated back on the NES and SNES.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that they made the team.

Coming in fourth here is Mega Man Star Force of the same brand name.  His home series had 3 games to it, and each of them were all Nintendo Exclusive as well!

And finally, bringing up the rear we have Mega Man Volnutt.  Volnutt is the star protagonist of the Mega Man Legends series, which, though it didn’t start out EXCLUSIVE to Nintendo Consoles, did in fact have an N64 edition, proving all of these blue bombers to have been very much so within the old boundaries Sakurai set for characters to appear in the Smash series.

Hey, at least they didn’t go so far as to pull THESE TWO back in, eh?

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